Selling Property with Trevor Hicks Realty

Experience – Local Knowledge – Enthusiasm – A “CAN DO” Attitude.

There are several key elements to achieving the best market price for your property, and these have been discussed many times over the years. It is the finer points of each of these areas that are the true key to maximizing your return on your investment.


When it comes time to sell your property, there are some things that you can manipulate to obtain the best possible price, such as presentation and improvements. Unfortunately the position of your property can not be altered. It is where it is!

Most buyers purchase the best position and improvement that suit their needs for their budget when they make the original decision to purchase. Depending how long the property has been held, and whether the position has improved or diminished. The position will improve when the infrastructure is built around the property, such as schools, shops or public transport, and the position will diminish if you purchased in a nice quiet street and the road has been extended to cope with an increased volume of traffic. 

Pricing your property correctly:

The price is a key element in the sale of a property. If the property is priced below the market, you are throwing away money, which for a primary residence is generally income tax exempt. Should you price the property above the market, you will just help sell the other properties in your area that are correctly priced.

When you engage Trevor Hicks to sell your property you will get an interactive assessment of how a suitable selling price is formulated to achieve the best possible result. The video presentation will explain this in more detail.


Having your property at the very best from the first day of sale is paramount. The most likely time to locate a suitable buyer is within the first fourteen days. There is a group of buyers “in waiting” that are looking for a property that suits their needs, and when your property’s price range and criteria appear in the market place, they will be investigating your property, whether it be on the internet, in the local paper or should they decide to inspect at your open home time.

If the property is not presented to their expectation or not priced to the market place, they will just keep walking. There are some basic issues that do not change and are a must if you are to achieve a reasonable price for your property.

CLEAN is first and foremost; it is a great idea to have a full spring clean and have the exterior walls and roof cleaned. The windows are an important part of the presentation. The interior should have a careful inspection and ascertain whether a “freshen up” with a coat of paint of simply a good sugar soap over the walls will produce a satisfactory result. Any paintwork should be in a neutral colour and you should consult an interior design expert or an experienced Real Estate Agent.


Make the most of what you have. Making major changes may not always result in a sufficient return for your time and expenditure. Again, seek the advice of an experienced Real Estate Agent or a professional decorator. A fresh coat of paint, some freshening up in the garden, a good spring clean and some minor repairs may be all that are required to secure a sale at a satisfactory price. There may be some circumstances where major capital expenditure is required, but is more likely to be the exception. 

Marketing; Finding the Buyer for Your Property.

The property is looking great, and now you need to find the right buyer for your property. An experienced Agent will assess your property’s attributes, and profile the likely demographics of the potential buyer, and write the scripts for the advertising accordingly. The internet is your window to the world of real estate buyers. Today’s buyers have twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week access to the properties that are available for sale. The internet is affordable in terms of advertising exposure. However you do need to cast your net wide enough to find all suitable buyers that are in the market place for a property such as yours. The local property magazines should be utilised to gain maximum exposure, and a lot of property is still sold from the “For Sale” sign. Open house is a convenient and effective method of locating your buyer. The buyer today can organise several homes that fit the criteria to suit their needs and inspect six to eight homes in the course of a day, where as it would otherwise take several days to organise owners, suitable times etc.  It is likely that you will find your buyer in the first 30 days of marketing. If the presentation is great, the pricing is correct for the market, and the marketing is right, you should have suitable offers in a balanced market.